In wotlas v1.2.3

Create your own player profile. Join a community ( Aes Sedai, Warder, Wolf Brother, Aiel, Children of the Light, Asha'man, ... ).

Enter the world, visit towns, buildings and ceilings. Leave the game and come back whenever you want, your character will be there.

Whisper, shout or simply talk to people. Start chats with people of the same room or spy other chat groups. We provide an IRC like chat with advanced features : gif smileys, image integration, sounds and much more.

Lie on your name but beware ! other players see you with the name you gave to them the first time you met them.

Create your own HTML chat macros.

In future versions of wotlas 1.x :

Create, write new books or read them in libraries. Slyly erase some sentences in a book.

Learn new knowledge from other players. Improve your level and teach other players. Practice the One Power.

Transfer your knowledge into books. Discover forgotten or forbidden knowledge and secrets.

Chat with bots. We are integrating the alicebot technology into wotlas ( ).

Create rumours. Rumours propagate like viruses, but spread only if people believe in them.

Discover hidden places, hidden buildings, and even secret rooms. Share your secrets with other players.