Copyright (C)  2001 -2002  WOTLAS Team

20 May 2002

          These release notes are here to guide you. We provide pointers to help files, describe the installation of wotlas ( Wheel Of Time - Light And Shadow ), detail the contents of the packages, present the game features and give access to support information. Wotlas is a free software available under the GNU General Public License.

Changes & Known Conflicts
Help, FAQ, Chat smileys
API Documentation
Contact, Bug Report, Forum, Support

We describe here the contents of the zip packages you'll find here. If you have installed wotlas via Java Web Start you have the same contents as the wotlas-client package.

The wotlas-client package contains :

- The wotlas client game files ( java classes, graphics, sounds, musics )
- The help files, access to online news.

The wotlas-server package contains :

- The wotlas server files ( java classes, wizard steps ).
- The help files.

The wotlas-devel package contains :

- The latest wotlas server files ( java classes, wizard steps )
- The latest wotlas client game files ( java classes, graphics, sounds, musics )
- The wotlas source code.
- All the scripts to start client, server, setups, etc...
- The help files, a Build-How-To documentation, access to online news.

The wotlas-source package contains :

- The wotlas source code.
- The help files, an API documentation generator, access to online news.

The wotlas-network-manager package contains :

- The wotlas network manager files ( java classes )
- Utilities to generate the wotlas universe, assign server identifiers, export server configs.
- The help files.

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The main game features of wotlas v1.3 are :

- One world ( RandLand ), four Towns ( Tar Valon, Braem Wood, Blight Refuge, Shayol Ghul ), 16 maps to explore. Plus a hidden passage leading to the Ways.

- Seven character class : Aes Sedai, Warders, Children of the Light, Asha'man, Wolf Brother, Aiel, Dark Lord.

- Integrated chat with advanced features : threads, commands, voice level, smileys.

- Meet bots and chat with them ( we are using the alicebot artificial intelligence ).

- Possibility to leave a message attached to your player.

- Possibility to lie on your name.

- Possibility to create and use HTML macros.

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Changes & Known Conflicts

All the changes between wotlas versions are listed here. The known conflicts are :

- Divx3.1alpha drivers cause wotlas to crash when you enter the game... please install the Divx4.0 (or better) software.

- In some cases Midi musics can make wotlas crash.
If you experience any problem when you enter the game ( after your account creation ) turn off the music in the option panel (available on the main screen and in the game).

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Hardware requirements on the client side :

- A 300Mhz processor minimum ( 500Mhz or more strongly recommended ), 64 Mo RAM.
- An Internet connection ( 56k Modem or better ).
- A sound card with Midi support.

Hardware requirements on the server side :

- A 500Mhz processor minimum ( 700Mhz or more strongly recommended ), 128 Mo RAM.
- A fast Internet connection ( DSL or better ).
- Optional : a sound card ( only necessary if you want to use the server bell feature ).

         Wotlas has been tested successfully on Windows OS ( 98, Me, NT4, 2000 & XP ) and Linux OS. We also tested wotlas successfully with Java 1.3.0, 1.3.1 and 1.4 . Some bugs that have not been fixed yet are listed in our FAQ.

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           We provide many ways to install Wotlas. The easiest of all is via Java Web Start (JWS), a new application-deployment technology that gives you the power to launch full-featured applications with a single click from your Web browser. JWS includes the security features of the Java2 platform, so the integrity of your data and files is never compromised. We describe here the installation of wotlas via zip packages.

If you want to install Wotlas via Java Web Start click here.

Otherwise if you prefer to install Wotlas from a zip package ( available here ), download the package you want ( description here ) and follow the instructions :

1 - If you have an old version of Java ( 1.1, 1.2, 1.2.1 ) first un-install it ( for windows check the Java Plug-in in the configuration panel, for unix enter 'java -version' in a shell window ). Wotlas works only with Java 1.3 or higher.

2 - If you have to install Java on your computer you can use the links below. You can download Java 1.4 if the size ( 9MB ) doesn't bother you. Otherwise Java 1.3 ( 3MB ) will be just fine. Note that wotlas runs faster with Java 1.4. In both cases you are looking for the JRE package ( Java Runtime Environment ) with US English support ( there is no special need for the international version in wotlas ).

Java Runtime Environment 1.3.1 for Windows
Java Runtime Environment 1.3.1 for Linux
Other Versions of Java 1.3

Java Runtime Environment 1.4        ( select your OS and click on the JRE column )

3 - For Windows users : restart your computer after Java's installation.

4 - On the client side :

           Start the game with wotlas.bat ( Windows ) or ( Unix ). If you encounter any problem first read our FAQ . If your problem is not listed here please contact us. If no wotlas server seems to be running please check our news section.

     On the server side :

           Start the administration utility with setup.bat ( Windows ) or ( Unix ). It will help you configure your server (more info in our FAQ).

           You'll then be able to start your server with the server.bat ( Windows ) or ( Unix ) scripts. If you encounter any problem first read our FAQ . If your problem is not listed here please contact us.

Notes for other packages :

- If you are using the wotlas-devel package you'll find all the .bat and .sh scripts in the bin/ directory. Some of these commands don't have the same name but are easy to identify ( wotlas-client.bat instead of wotlas.bat on the client side ).

- If you want to compile wotlas you'll find an Jakarta Ant build command and build.xml script. There is a Build-How-To documentation explaining how to build wotlas.

- If you are using the wotlas-network-manager package you'll find also the .bat and .sh scripts in the bin/ directory. There is no documentation on this package as it's rather experimental. But let's give you some starting points :

- 1 - Read our FAQ to get familiar with the server side of wotlas. The key ideas are : a server table that lists the available servers, server config files that describe servers, a central web server that hosts all these files to enable users and server administrators to get them. A good overview of the wotlas architecture is available here.

- 2
- To generate the universe data that will be used by servers use the world-generator script. Universe data is stored in base/universe/ .

- 3 -
Once you have done that, the buildings of the universe are not assigned to any server. To assign server identifiers to buildings use the server-map-setup script. It's your job to assign identifiers to servers.

- 4
- You have now a valid universe data you can send to the server administrators you are managing. Just zip the base/universe/ directory and send it to them.

- 5 - Your job is also to collect server config files, update the server table and export it to a central web server. To do that just copy to base/servers/ the server config files you receive.

- 6 - To update the server table and export it to your central web server (with all the server config files ) just call the updateServerTable script.

- 7 - If your central web server is not you'll have to edit the contents of the updateServerTable script. Be aware also that your server administrators need to know your central web server URL ( to be able to store their server-x.cfg.adr file ) and how to connect to it ( scp, ftp, pscp ). You should try to configure yourself a server to check if it works.

- 8 - Finally your last job is to update the news for your wotlas network. You can use the updateServerNews script to do that. The news.html file is in docs/online-news/ .

Contact us if you have any question as this is a very new package and there are not a lot of guide lines. Good Luck !

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Help, FAQ, Chat smileys

           To help you we provide a FAQ about the Wotlas Client, Wotlas Server, Java Web Start and other related topics. To get some help about the game itself you can also read the in-game help (just hit the help button on the main screen). We also provide the list of the smileys we recognize in our chat and a document explaining the architecture of the game.

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API Documentation

           If you have downloaded the wotlas-devel or wotlas-source package you have access to the API Javadoc of our project. You first need to build it ( read our Build HOW-TO documentation ). Once you have done that you'll be able to see the API documentation.

The API documentation is generated in the docs/api/ directory. Other project / API / UML documentation might be available on our web site.

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Contact, Bug Report, Forum, Support

           If you have something to tell us don't hesitate ! Go to our SourceForge site. On this site you'll be able to report bugs, ask for new features, submit your questions on our forums, ask for support, etc... Know that we are very opened minded and welcome any critic or comment. This is an open-source project and we are glad to have points of views and advices from everyone. Any idea will help us improve wotlas. If you want to contact us directly you can also use the following mail address :

For more news on the wotlas project go to .
For more information on the GNU General Public License click here.
For more information on Jakarta Ant click here.
For more information on AliceBot click here.

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